After Losing His 2 Pups, Daughters Get Dad New Gift. Captured Footage Has Everyone Blubbering In Tears

The loss of a pet is one of the hardest things an animal lover can go through. One moment they’re running through your home and cuddling on your lap, the next, they’re gone and the house seems too quiet.

That’s exactly what this man went through – but instead of losing just one dog, he lost two without warning. After days of sorrow, his daughters stepped in to help turn his frown upside down!

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Dad was left in a pit of despair after the sudden loss of Nemo and Lucy. The tiny furballs were part of the family, and without them Dad felt empty. No matter what his daughters did to make him feel better, nothing worked. The loss of a family member, no matter the species, is devastating and it seemed as though he would never overcome the sadness.

Thankfully, the daughters had a plan up their sleeves and it all hand to do with giving Dad a brand new furry friend to play with. First, they handed Dad a card and asked him to read it out loud. As soon as he started to read and fully understood what was happening, Dad burst out sobbing.

He couldn’t believe that his daughters bought him a new dog!

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The moment Dad laid eyes on his new fluffy family member, he lost it all over again. This was the last thing he was expecting and it was exactly what he needed to cheer up.

While nothing can ever replace the love Dad felt for Nemo and Lucy, hopefully Lumo can help to raise his spirits.

Facebook/Love What Matters

Take a peek at this tearjerking introduction for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below.