Blind Chef Bakes For Gordon Ramsay, His Brutally Honest Comment Brings Her To Tears

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is the Simon Cowell of reality TV cooking shows – he’s just as mean as the music mogul when it comes to dishing out a heaping serving of brutal honesty. That means if you happen to be a blind chef like Christine Ha, you can be pretty sure Gordon will point out all the flaws that you literally can not see. However, the Brit doesn’t allow for excuses from anyone, and he told the MasterChef contestant exactly what he thought of the apple pie she had made. Gordon has made grown men cry, so poor Christine didn’t have a chance.

Any pastry chef will tell you that baking is not the same as cooking. With cooking, you can adjust ingredients, add spices, and taste your creation at any point during the process. On the other hand, baking is an exact science. It requires precise measurements, ingredients, and temperatures. Once the goodies are in the oven, it’s hands off until it’s done! Unfortunately, Christine had zero pastry experience, which meant that she couldn’t get a feel for what she was actually baking, let alone see how it turned out at the end.

At the beginning of the video, Gordon immediately jumps in and asks Christine why, with barely 18 minutes to go, her apple pie still wasn’t in the oven. He even went so far as to ask what she thought the pie looked like, even though he knew she couldn’t actually see it. That’s when Christine’s head dropped down in shame. Yet, even she was blown away by what Gordon said next! Watch the video below to see why people everywhere are crying over this apple pie.