Bride Loses Fiancé In Car Crash-Photographer Takes Breathtaking Memorial Photos

When tragedy strikes, that’s usually the time people seek healing and answers. And that is exactly what Hannah Darr, 22 years old, did.

When Hannah was in first grade, she met the love of her life, Layne Merriwether. The two had grown up beside one another. And when they got to high school, they became a couple, and had been together for 7 years.

They even went to attend the same college together, and then were engaged in April of 2016. But everything quickly changed a few months ago, when Layne passed away in a car accident, just 4 months before they were due to tie the knot.

“My house is full of all my wedding decorations just waiting for my wedding day that will never come,” wrote Hannah on Facebook.

She needed healing, and so she thought of a way that may help, and then quickly contacted photographer Holly Gannett, and asked if she would do a bridal photo shoot.

“Even though I will never get a wedding with him, I wanted to at least have a picture of him with me in my dress to […] remember him as my future husband,” said Hannah.

And that’s exactly what they did.

For the photoshoot, Hannah put on her wedding dress and returned to the place where Layne had originally proposed to her. It was a very emotional time as Hannah held a rustic bouquet, smiling through tears. There was even one photo of Hannah holding a chalkboard which read, “Remember the love, not the loss.”

But the most moving images, are the ones where Holly used photoshop, and added Layne himself into the pictures. It appears like Hannah is embracing his slightly-transparent body, and although it’s clear he is not really there, it is still a very touching and emotional tribute.

And although the photos caused tears to stream down Hannah’s face, they also are helping her heal.

“The shoot gave me some closure and helped me accept the fact that I won’t get a wedding with him, but I am thankful I at least have pictures with him. The pictures are something I will cherish forever,” said Hannah.

We are so thankful that Holly was able to create these photos for Hannah. They are so breathtakingly beautiful.