Daughter’s Forced To Break Up With Fiancé. Decades Later, Finds News Clipping Mom Kept Hidden

Sometimes the universe, and our parents, have other plans for us. No matter how much we try, we don’t always get what we want – even when we think it’s meant to be.

In the 1960s, Janice Rude was a mostly-typical college sophomore – she was broke, but at least she wasn’t starving, since she worked at the campus dining hall. It was at the canteen that Janice first laid eyes on Prentiss Willson…


It was love at first sight for both of them. The frat boy kept returning for breakfast every morning, but it was Janice that he was truly hungry for. He just couldn’t take his eyes off this elusive female.

It didn’t take long for these college kids to fall in love. The two soon got engaged, and even went so far as to announce it in a local newspaper. But, like all good love stories, this one met with a tragic Shakespearean ending.


Janice’s father disapproved of their relationship, and forbade his daughter from going through with the wedding. He threatened to cut off her financial support if she went against his wishes.

With her education hanging by a thread, she grudgingly conceded, but not without a lot of painful tears and resentment. Janice was heartbroken after her father refused to let her get married.


The star-crossed couple went on to wed and divorce other people, but they never forgot their love for one another. Apparently, neither did the universe.

Although the timing was a bit off, the universe finally delivered a strange yet unmistakable sign, and the pair found it in the most unlikely of places. Do you believe in fate?


Well, their moms certainly did, and they had been secretly hanging on to something all of these years. You will not believe what it is!

It’s exactly what Janice and Prentiss needed. Their lives soon would be going full circle.


Watch the video below to see why this endearing love story was destined to come full circle.