Everything’s Going Smoothly For Tiny Ring Bearer, Until Move At End Leaves Crowd In Hysterics

Weddings are life-changing events, and for most people, it’s one of the most important days a person will ever experience. Brides will invest as much time and money as possible into planning this ultra special occasion, in the hopes that everything will end up perfect. Unfortunately, no matter how much a person tries, things don’t always go by the book. In this particular bride and groom’s case, the end result was totally laughable! When children are involved one must always be prepared for the unexpected.

In the video below, we can see an adorable little toddler smile with glee as he walks down the aisle. He looks like a mini version of the groom in his crisply pressed white shirt and black slacks. He makes eye contact with every single person he passes, and you can immediately tell he’s super excited to be a part of the wedding party. The little boy is carrying a delicately fringed pillow that’s almost as big as he is, and nestled inside all that fluffiness is the ultimate prize – the couple’s wedding rings.

This mini ring bearer proudly makes his way to the altar at the front of the church, but then he starts to weave from one side of the aisle to the other, as if he were playing a game. Suddenly the toddler makes a surprise detour, and does the unthinkable! Oh my goodness. What a riot! This is too funny! Children really know how to make your day when you least expect it. At least the adults were willing to play along. Watch the video below to see what this cutie was really up to. Ha ha!