Halfway Through Interview, Veteran Starts Having Panic Attack. Watch How His Dog Reacts

As veteran Erick Scott opened up about his past years of service during an interview, things took an unexpected turn when an unlikely hero emerged to save the day. He was in the middle of reliving some tough moments, when things got a little emotional for the proud American veteran. Thinking back on his 16 years of service, memories began flooding back into his mind. He shared about his past and how it has changed his life and actions, while confessing that to this day he often wakes up in a puddle of sweat from reliving those moments in dreams. Serving our country has had a huge impact on him, and it certainly wasn’t easy to discuss.
Sometimes, these emotions make life almost too much to bear. Hearing himself discuss these things starts to boil over in emotions. He begins shifting his body in a strange way, but it is barely noticeable unless you are paying close attention. The woman sitting with him during the interview could sympathize with him, yet Erick’s dog Gumbo was able to pick up on his tension and emotions on a completely different level. Gumbo has gotten to know him very well, and could sense Erick’s change of feelings. The interviewer didn’t realize what was happening right away, but then it was impossible not to notice Gumbo’s instincts to protect Erick.

Gumbo’s response during his interview is something that Erick is grateful for. The interviewer, on the other hand, got to witness this dog’s jaw-dropping response when Gumbo showed exactly how loyal of a friend he really is. Watch as Gumbo sticks up for Erick in an extraordinary way in this shocking video below.