Husband’s Wife Vanishes After Visit To Doctors Office. 42 Years Later, She’s Found

Relatives of missing people know that the heartache of “not knowing” lasts just as long as never giving up hope – both feelings seem to last forever. In August 1975, a 36-year-old woman by the name of Flora Stevens disappeared in upstate New York. Her husband dropped her off at the hospital for a doctor’s appointment, but Flora wasn’t there when he came to pick her up. Sadly, he passed away 10 years later, never knowing what happened to her. Oddly enough, it was the remains of a woman found in Orange County, New York, that would bring Flora back to life.

In September, New York investigators were working a different cold case, when they discovered a woman’s body that seemed to correspond to Flora’s general characteristics. There was only one problem – they needed to match the the DNA to a living person in order to confirm if they had finally solved the mystery of Flora’s disappearance. A crucial records search turned up one very surprising detail – they found a possible relative, but this woman had been using Flora’s social security number. It looks like detectives were mistaken about the identity of the remains!

It turns out that Flora is still alive, and had been living in an assisted living home in Lowell, Massachusetts, since at least 2001. Although investigators were excited to find out where she had been all these years, the case has gotten even trickier after her discovery… Flora was not who she at first appeared to be. The woman’s last name was Harris, and although all the other details were correct, something still wasn’t quite right. Watch the video below to find out why Flora couldn’t tell detectives her story. Wow, this stunning ending isn’t what anyone expected!