It’s Time For The Flower Girl Entrance. Guests Can’t Stop Laughing How She Rolls In

We’ve all seen flower girls who cry, scream out, run down the aisle and other goofy antics, but this flower girl gets a category all her own. Instead of walking down the aisle, she glides down in style sitting in a decked-out push buggie! Thankfully someone had the camera rolling and was able to capture every heartwarming second!

According to Kids Formal, the purpose of the flower girl has evolved over time! The website wrote, “During the Medieval Era, flower girls were armed with garlic in hopes of discouraging the evil spirits from getting too close. As time passed, and the Elizabethan Era emerged, flower bearers dropped flower petals on the roadway from the bride’s home to the church during the wedding procession, with the flower girl carrying the bride’s cup fully decorated with colorful ribbons.”

Nowadays, the flower girl is usually involved to garner smiles and maybe a few giggles! That’s exactly what this little flower did with her adorable entrance “vehicle.” Take a peek at this cute flower girl entrance for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below. If she can make an entrance at this age, we can only imagine how hilariously captivating she’ll be as she gets olders!